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The Challenge & Fact

By 2040 the majority of the worlds vehicles will still run on 'fossil fuels'

By 2030, electric vehicles (EVs) will number only 10% of the then existing two billion vehicles according to the International Energy Agency. The rest will still be using 'fossil fuel' and still polluting. And by 2040, 'fossil fuels' will still hold a 75% market share as reported by Green Tech Media.

Pollution from transport is not only a threat to the climate, but also to people´s health. The WHO Global Platform on Air Quality and Health proves the seriousness of these statistics.

The result of no change may well be...

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What is needed NOW?

Consider that you need to lower carbon emissions in a large way and you need to do it right now.

What you may need is:

  • A project working in a market that has increased in value 250% in 2018 according to Reuters
  • that is a simple,
  • inexpensive,
  • quick-to-implement
  • in an easily worldwide scale-able solution
  • that will effect the Earth's climate immediately
  • and would support other UN SDGs as part of its goals, such as paying poor a living wage to help make the project possible
  • and even better if the project offers a 'Triple-Bottom-Line'

This is exactly what we offer.

UNSDGs effected by this


This Project directly affects the following 9 of the 17 UN SDGs:

  • #1: Reduces poverty by contracting local poor to hand-fabricate the device used in this project
  • #2: Reduces hunger by giving these people a 'living wage' for their work
  • #3: Promotes good health and well being with lowered air pollution and productive people
  • #5: The majority of those contracted will be women since the work is easy to do
  • #8: We give fabricators a 'living wage' so we are supporting the economic growth of the area
  • #9: We offer a new industry to the area involved
  • #10: We pay our contractors based on production, no matter the gender
  • #11: We help the cities involved reduce their air pollution which makes their method of life more sustainable
  • #13: Because we are reducing pollution, we are effecting the climate in any area we operate

Ask us about our CSR or government projects which work exactly the same way as our for-profit projects.

Triple Bottom Line

Triple Bottom Line?

Without a doubt.

  • PEOPLE -- The project will pay poor in your desired location and will ensure they are paid a 'living wage' for their area in exchange for their hand-fabrication of the device that will create the CO2 & PM2.5 reductions. (A minimum USD2M investment project will need 450 people.)
  • PLANET -- The device they create will reduce emissions on average by 50%+ immediately and it has been proven to reduce emissions further with only weeks of use. Testing has shown that diesel particulates of PM2.5 & PM10 (accused of killing millions per year by WHO) are drastically lowered as are gasoline hydrocarbons. A USD2M project will reduce 1.7 million tons of CO2 + PM2.5, etc..
  • PROFIT -- The demand for, and therefore the price of carbon offsets has steadily been increasing since America withdrew from the COP21 climate agreement. Add to that Reuter's article on the growth of the market by 250% during the year 2018 and you have a view of an exploding market. A USD2M project should have an ROI of USD20,400,000. The initial investment and 40% of the profit belongs to the investor(s).